Ad Hoc Age Friendly Committee


Lora Vary
Rhiannon Burkholder
Jean D'Amelio Swyer
Leslie Daniels
Sebastian Soccio-Marandola
Meredith (Mimi) Peachy
Bev Smith
Caroline Bourque Wiley
Dan Pelletier

Staff Representatives

Donna Delvecchio, City Clerk

Council Representatives

Fred Neale -
John Kenny -


The Ad Hoc Age Friendly Committee shall provide recommendations to Thorold City Council regarding a strategy and action plan to elevate the profile, level of leadership and engagement of Seniors in the community. Recommendations would also be made on how to facilitate active lifestyles for all Seniors, optimize health and wellness services for Seniors and to improve access and utilization of various services and supports.

Terms of Reference

Age Friendly Needs Assessment Surveys Report

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