Capital Construction Projects

Each year during the annual budget process staff brings forward projects for approval based on Asset Management Plan, replacement schedule and need.  Council reviews these projects and once budget approval is complete staff solicits bids through Requests for Quotations, Request for Proposal or Tenders for the  projects.

City Wide Sidewalk Listing by Street (Alphabetical Order)

Annual Inspections are currently underway.

Capital Construction Projects

The 2017 Capital Construction consists of design and construction of roads, sanitary and storm sewers, watermains and associated infrastructures throughout the City of Thorold.

A table of planned city wide projects is provided below which is subject to change based on available resources.  We have included the project name, budget and a description of planned works.

Project Name Budget Description Tender Date Start Date End Date
Albert Street Sewer Replacement $500,000 - Sanitary Sewer Replacement 2016 2016 Winter 2017

Capital Projects that are underway

Project Name Budget Description Tender Date Start Date End Date
Arena - Alterations and Upgrades $1,000,000

- Lobby between arenas

- Accessible Washrooms

- Roof Draining in the James Whyte Arena

- Acoustic Panels in the Frank Doherty Arena

- Dehumidifiers in the Frank Doherty Arena

- Tube Heaters in the Frank Doherty Arena

 November 2016 December 2017 August 2017
Arena - Frank Doherty $1,200,000

- Refrigerated Slab

- Dasher Boards

- Glass Replacement

February 2017 April 2017 August 2017
Canby Street and Bridge Street - Watermain replacement Unknown

- Canby Street - 1km of 200mm of Watermain

- Bridge Street - 250m of 250mm of Watermain

December 2016 Summer 2017 Winter 2017
Traffic Calming $20,000 - Merritt Road Speed Humps

- Winterberry Boulevard Speed Humps

- Misc. Traffic Studies
Upcoming Spring 2017 Fall 2017
Stewart Avenue Watermain Replacement $465,000

- Replaced Watermain

- Reinstatement remains

July 2016 January 2017 June 2017
Hurricane Road
Ditching and Culverts
$167,000 Improve the water drainage along Hurricane Road and Merritt Road with ditches and repairds culverts September 2017 October 2017 November 2017
Surface Treatment for Turner Road and Yungblut Lane $155,000 Hard surface both Turner Road and Yungblut Lane May 2017 September 2017 October 2017

Maintenance Projects

Project Name Budget Description
Storm Sewer Repair $150,000 - Replace Storm Pipe

- Mackan Street, Thorold South
Welland Canal Trail $20,000 - Spot Repair Various Locations along Trail - Annually
CSO Facilities Maintenance $15,000 - Ongoing Annual Maintenance
Trenchless Spot Repairs $60,000 - Repair Sewers at Various Locations Annually from Data Received from Closed Circuit Television Inspections
Leak Detection $85,000 - Sanitary System, Annual Maintenance

Region of Niagara - Capital Works Projects in Thorold

Project Name Budget Description
Allanport Road
Turner Road to Highway 20
Unknown Under Design