Flag Raising at the City of Thorold

Requests for flag raising must be made via this online form at least four weeks in advance of the proposed raising and the organization is to provide the flag.  If the request is approved, the flag will be flown for a maximum of 5 business days.  Notification of flag raisings will be published in a Council agenda for the purpose of public awareness. 

Permitted flag raisings that the City Clerk will have delegated authority to approve include those who demonstrate an interest in:

  • Civic Promotion
  • Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Non-Profit or Charitable Organizations
  • Fundraising Drives
  • Historical Commemorations important to residents

Flag raisings will not be approved for the following, but will not be limited to:

  • Matters of political controversy, political parties or political organizations
  • Religious organizations, events or celebrations
  • Business or commercial enterprises or campaigns intended for profit purposes
  • Illegal matters, including matter contrary to corporate policies or by-laws
  • Discriminatory or inflammatory matters
  • Matters designed to incite hatred or disorder
  • Matters that defame the City's integrity
  • If the event or organization has no direct relationship to the City of Thorold
  • Attempts to influence government policy

Flag raising requests that fall outside the permitted demonstrations will require approval.

Please click the following link for the Flag Raising Application.