Public Forum Committees

What is a Public Forum Committee?

Public Forum Committees have been established by Council for each of the City of Thorold's service divisions:

  • Corporate Services (Administration/Finance/Clerks Departments)
  • Planning and Development Services
  • Public Works and Community Services (Public Works, Cemetery, Parks, Arenas and Pool)
  • Fire and Emergency Services

These Committees provide a citizen or a group of citizens the opportunity to meet with one or two Councillors, the City's Chief Administrative Officer and the appropriate Department Director or senior member of staff to discuss the citizen's concern or complaint.  Specific Councillors are appointed to each Public Forum Committee at the beginning of the term of Council.

While we cannot guarantee a satisfactory resolution to every issue brought forward, citizens will come away with a better understanding of City policy or procedure with regard to their concerns.

How do I request to meet with a Public Forum Committee?

Make your request, in writing or by email, to the City Clerk at least seven (7) days prior to a regularly scheduled Council meeting.  Your request must include a brief description of the issue so that we may prepare for the meeting accordingly.

Public Forum Committee meetings are scheduled by the City Clerk for a time immediately prior to the commencement of a regularly scheduled Council meeting.

The City Clerk will contact you with the meeting date and time as soon as arrangements can be confirmed.

Please contact the Clerk's Department at 905-227-6613 if you have any questions about Public Forum Committees or if you require contact information for any of the City's Department Directors.

NOTE: Insurance Claims or legal action against the City are under the purview of the City's adjuster and insurer and may not be discussed at any time with any member of Council or staff.