Water & Sewer Billing


Quarterly Rates
 2016 Rates


Absolute Minimum $46.50
Fixed Charge $46.50
Consumption Charge $1.265

Sewer Charges 

 Absolute Minimum  $52.57
 Fixed Charge  $52.57
Consumption & Pricing Charge $1.429

Future budgets will transfer more of the funding onto the sewer bill and away from taxes.


Absolute Minimum $99.07
Fixed Charge $99.07
Block 2 - Charge per cu. mtr. $2.694
Charge on overdue accounts 5% one time charge
Charge for shut-off or turn-on of Water Service during working hours $66.00
Charge for Shut-Off or Turn-on of Water Service outside normal work hours Actual Cost
Hard Copy of Water Bill $5.00
Hard Copy of Water Account $5.00